Barcelona Mayor Proposes to Keep Cannabis Clubs in the City

Ada Colau, Barcelona’s mayor and the first ever female to hold that title, last week announced a proposal to keep cannabis social clubs in Barcelona.

Several workable regulations would be implemented to ensure that more than a hundred club which were scheduled to shut down, remain open and accessible.

Before Colau claimed her seat as mayor of the Catalonia city,  Xavier Trias was the man at the helm. His proposal was to eliminate cannabis clubs in Barcelona. To do this, he implemented a minimum distance of 150 meters between clubs and places frequented by children (schools, playgrounds etc.). This meant that 112 of the 123 clubs in the city would have been forced to close down.

However, with a new mayor comes new proposals and while Colau still proposes for clubs to be within 100 meters of child frequented areas, the new rules would not be retrospective, meaning that existing clubs will not be punished.

The new plan must be approved by June 13. If this fails to materialize, then the Trias proposal would take effect, shutting down over 100 clubs and forcing the city to pay nearly 15 million euros in compensation to club owners and operators.

The video below shows the popularity of cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

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