Denmark Moving Closer to Medical Cannabis Legalization?

Denmark could be set to become the next country to legalize medical cannabis after a survey of politicians in the country returned a majority vote for legalization.

The survey, conducted by national broadcaster DR reported that six of Denmark’s nine main political parties are in favour of early stage trials leading to nationwide legalization.

This isn’t the first time that Denmark have made bold statement regarding the possible legalization of medical cannabis. In 2015, the Alternativet party constructed a proposal that recommended creating cannabis farming communities to boost the economy of the struggling island communities in the country.

Medical trials can only take place if Danish Parliament decide to legalize following an official majority verdict. Despite the survey essentially meaning nothing in terms of official polling, it suggests that when another proposal is put forward in parliament, it will be backed overwhelmingly.

Do you believe that Denmark could be the next European nation to legalize medical cannabis? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  1. Hazel says:

    At last another country with some sense i.e. Denmark others include Holland, Portugal and the U.S. to name just few countries which have made it legal.

    Perhaps Teresa May will have to hold a “referendum” to do it (it’s a joke) just get it legalised before I die and I have been using all my adult life so can any one tell me how that is if it is so “Harmful”
    and everyone who uses it knows its not harmful from the Stones to the Beatles etc.
    I am a successful businessman who knows the law beggars belief and I have been hoping and wishing for this all my life. Fact.

    1. MedicalMarijuanaMedicalMarijuana says:

      Hazel, while the United Kingdom remains some way behind the big movers in the medical cannabis legalisation movement, we hope that one day, we will all be able to access the medicine that everyone deserves.

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