Guide to Cannabis for Chronic Pain Patients in Europe – Download Now

Research Subject: Chronic Pain
Author: Medical & Americans for Safe Access
Publish Date: 2016, in conjunction with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) are proud to present our first official guide for medical cannabis patients in Europe.

This will be the first of eight guides designed to offer help and advice to individuals who are using, or who wish to use medical cannabis to treat their symptoms.

Our ‘Guide to Cannabis for Chronic Pain Patients in Europe’ is a comprehensive report intended to help Europeans speak to their doctors and educate themselves on the history, research advances, effects, laws and hazards of using cannabis as medicine.

Our mission at is to advance legal access to herbal cannabis and cannabis extracts, for all those who would medically benefit. We believe that all people with symptoms that can be successfully treated with cannabis derived products should have access to them legally, economically (or on prescription) and without delay. It is with this mission in mind that we have decided to publish these guides.

All guides can be accessed in full and are completely free of charge. They will be available to download below as a PDF directly onto your computer, mobile device or tablet.

Please note, this guide and its affiliated websites are designed for educational purposes only and are not engaged in rendering medical advice, legal advice or professional services.

If you feel that you have a medical problem, you should seek the advice of your doctor or health care practitioner. Patients are also advised to check the legal status of cannabis in their country for themselves, as laws are constantly changing.

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  1. Malcolm pace says:

    i suffered a serious accident while at work when a mechanical grab weighing 2.5 tonne fell on me, causing serious spinal injuries, i have an intrathecal drug delivery system anchored to my spinal cord, which pumps 3.5mg morphine 24/7. Unfortunately i have been receiving this medication for 12 year now, and is gradually ceasing to work. I would welcome medical cannabis as a substitute, unfortunately, i have government after government, who take issue with this plant as a class b illegal drug. How would i approach my doctor, when this so called illegal drug is not available in the country which i reside in?

  2. MedicalMarijuana Admin MedicalMarijuana Admin says:

    What country are you in?

  3. Skip says:

    I can tell you that I ended up making my own medicine and after 3 months it dropped my white cell count 50,000 points, which is what it was going up a year. My oncologist said to keep doing whatever I was doing and has started a case study. I live in a state that it is still illegal in.