State in Argentina Becomes First to Stock Cannabis Oil in Hospitals

The Patagonian province of Chubut in Argentina has become the first place in the world to stock cannabis oil at their hospitals.

Charlotte’s Web Oil, the US made product that has little to no psychoactive effects will now be available in hospitals in the area, predominantly for the treatment of Epilpesy caused by Dravet Syndrome but also for other ailments that have been deemed appropriate by the local health minister.

This new legislation was originally discussed after a local girl named Micaela, who suffered severe seizures, found cannabis oil as the only medication that worked. In fact, Micaela’s seizures reduced from a dozen a day to two or three per week.

These incredible results were enough for the state legislature to discuss, consider and finally approve the bill.

It is though that neighbouring states in Argentina will follow suit depending on the success of what many are calling a “pilot project” for widespread use of cannabis oil in public hospitals.

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