22 European Countries and Their Cannabis Laws

With Europe in such a fragile state right now, it can be hard to separate and evaluate each nation and its very differing laws on cannabis for both medical and recreational use.

Here at Medical Marijuana Europe, we have come up with this handy guide for anyone to educate themselves on the latest goings on in various countries around the continent.

Please note, any European country not included in this article has strictly prohibited the cultivation, possession, sale and transportation of any amount of cannabis.

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  1. John says:

    We must legalise this “drug” now and take this it out of the dark ages. for goodness sake and WHY is Cannabis STILL ILLEGAL any where ??????

    1. Trish DeCicco says:

      Couldn’t agree more! With any luck people will stop the hoax soon.

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  2. MedicalMarijuana AdminMedicalMarijuana Admin says:

    Crazy isn’t it? Though the tides are turning slowly this is not quick enough for many.

    1. John says:

      Yes it is crazy and unfathomable.
      Would have thought the American model would have helped but with our Prime Minister missing in action, more delays.
      The politicos though will see it as a controversial vote loser.

  3. Eathan says:

    See here’s the thing I don’t get if you drink your all aggressive and violent but if you smoke weed your all chill and mellow but drinking is legal and can cause death and a lot of crimanal damage but weed has cancer fighting cells and no damage is caused if anything we should make drinking illegal because of what it does but instead weed is it helps most people so just legalise it already

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