Welcome to MedicalMarijuana.eu, Europe’s best resource for news, interviews, information and commentary, research papers and personal testaments on the use and therapeutic effects of cannabis, and cannabis extracts.

Our mission at Medicalmarijuana.eu is to advance legal access to herbal cannabis and cannabis extracts, for all those who would medically benefit.

We believe that all people with symptoms that can be successfully treated with cannabis derived products should have access to them legally, economically (or on prescription) and without delay.

We believe that herbal cannabis products and extracts should be legally obtainable alongside clinically tested pharmaceutical products. Prohibitively expensive clinical testing should no longer be used as a barrier to market by the medical profession and politicians. We believe patients should be legally entitled to produce their own cannabis or nominate care growers, to cultivate for them.

The medicinal benefits of cannabis are proven on a daily basis and are shown in both the multitude of academic peer reviewed papers (many of which we have listed on our site), as well as a vast array of anecdotal evidence (some also listed).

Many patients around Europe are risking the law to procure or produce their own cannabis products because they know that they treat their symptoms better than other medications or with less side effects. We hear many stories of health professional recommending cannabis unofficially without being able to openly condone it. This is not right or acceptable.

We would like to see, and help, where possible, the medical profession learning more about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, with the aim of advancing a legal, healthy, well run medical cannabis industry. This has to involve a clear move from only allowing patients access to patentable, pharmaceutical cannabis products to allowing a dispensary style industry to run alongside. This would be able to provide high quality, laboratory tested products as well as giving patients and their carers the possibility to produce for themselves.

In the meantime, we aim to encourage those who are using cannabis medically in Europe (and elsewhere), and those that care for them, to know as much about what they are consuming as possible, how it benefits them, what side effects may occur, what are the legalities and how they can approach this subject with their doctors. Without legal access we can only learn from each other as well as monitoring what is happening in countries that have safer, more compassionate approaches with quality control and patients’ needs at the centre.

We welcome contact from key stake holders in this discussion; patients and patient groups, charities, doctors and nurses, alternative health practitioners and all the groups that represent them, as well as those most affected by the inconsiderate, painful laws that restrict access.