Your activism is the key to implementing direct social and political change to the current views and laws on cannabis. Speaking to your Doctors, Families and MPs and talking about medicinal cannabis will move this debate into the public domain.


Write to your local government official

We have constructed a PDF letter template that you can print, sign and send to your local government official as a sign of support for the decriminalisation of medical marijuana in your country – Read and Download the PDF file here.

Attend Events

Scientific evidence is revealing and emphasising the endless potential that cannabinoids hold therapeutically.

An ever widening scope of applications are being identified, positioning cannabis at the forefront of medical debate and discovery.

Conferences featuring highly regarded keynote speakers are hosted regularly, allowing research pioneers to share their findings and engage the wider medical profession in discussion.

Speak to your Doctor

We strongly advise you to speak to your doctor regarding medical marijuana, especially if you are using or have used for medicinal purposes. Our ‘Guide to Medical Cannabis for Patients in Europe’ will help you to prepare when speaking to a medical professional.

We need every GP in Europe to know that cannabis and cannabis oil have true medicinal benefits and that there are people out there today using cannabis medicinally. If they don’t know, they should be presented with clinical data and personal testaments until they stand up united behind the true medicinal properties of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.