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What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is oil derived from the flowers of the Cannabis Sativa L plant , containing pure cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid occurring naturally both in marijuana and in hemp.

Is CBD Oil the same as Cannabis Oil?

No. “CBD oil” is oil made from the hemp plant containing the cannabinoid CBD , although a very healthy supplement, it contains minute amounts of CBD and no THC when compared to cannabis oil and will thus not have the same medicinal benefits.

Where can I get access to Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis is medically available in 23 states of the USA, Canada, Uruguay , Israel and decriminalised across much of Europe.

Will Cannabis Oil cure my Cancer?

There is enough evidence to suggest that Cannabis oil is the most effective and safest treatment for cancer either secularly or alongside conventional treatments , whether it can be called a “cure” yet is debatable as many of the people who have made testimonies to curing cancer have to remain on cannabis for life.

Can MedicalMarijuana.eu provide you with Cannabis or Cannabis extract medicine?

No. We cannot provide you with Cannabis or Cannabis Oil.

Can I make my own Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis is Illegal in much of Europe, however if you are in a state/country where cannabis is legal/lawful, yes you can make your own. It is a very simple process with plenty of information available online.