Flowery Field and Legal Cannabis Cultivation in Austria

‘Welcome to Flowery Field, a flower shop with a difference’

Nestled within the beautifully bustling suburbs of Vienna, Austria, sit three buildings that are changing the face of cannabis production in a country whose laws regarding the marijuana plant have changed substantially over the last few years.

These buildings are owned by Flowery Field whose roots are embedded in lawsuits, court battles and legal loopholes. Yet the company is now operating at its most prolific level yet, producing and selling 50,000 cannabis cuttings a month.

The law in Austria states that the production and distribution of anything over 5 grams of cannabis is strictly illegal. However, Flowery Field are operating within a grey area by cultivating plants and selling cuttings to wholesalers before flowering takes place. This means that there is no THC level present in the distributed product, therefore the company are operating within Austria’s legal framework, which states that cannabis is “considered a drug if more than 0.3% of THC is present”.

2 years ago, the company had 4,000 plants seized by the Austrian government, but filed an appeal, citing their early growth stage sale as working within the nations’ strict guidelines. After 18 months of hard fought court battles, Flowery Field are now permitted to continue their work.

Despite providing a steady stream of legal cannabis in Austria, Flowery Field have not yet announced their intentions to provide medically tested, high-CBD strains. However, the stringent production process, which can be viewed in the video below, ensures that, whether medically beneficial or not, the product is faultlessly cultivated to the highest possible standards.

As of January 2016, possession and purchase of up to 5 grams of cannabis is decriminalized in Austria and offenders will not be punished. This relaxation of laws in Austria has seen Flowery Field’s sales increase substantially, as the threat of prosecution for using the plant diminishes.


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