Irish Toddler Seizure Free After Using Cannabis Oil for Three Months

Young Tristan Cahalane probably didn’t expect to be travelling halfway across the world at his age, especially not for medical reasons. However, that is exactly what the young boy, and his mother Yvonne have had to do, in order to access cannabis oil for his debilitating seizures.

Tristan has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that can lead to numerous daily seizures, some of which can be fatal. After trying 20 different medicines in their native Ireland and Tristan still having up to 20 seizures a day, the family decided to head to Colorado, in search of cannabis oil, which has been producing remarkable results for numerous sufferers of Dravet Syndrome in the States.

Remarkably, after just three months of living in Colorado and taking cannabis oil on a daily basis, Yvonne says that her son is seizure free.

However, the issue that the family now face is how to return home without jeopardising young Tristan’s health. The toddler’s father John, remains in Ireland because of work and is separated from his wife and son. Laws in Ireland prevent Cahalane’s from reuniting as a family, as Yvonne is not allowed to bring the cannabis oil back with her.

Speaking to the media, Yvonne said, “We can’t leave the country with it. We want to try and get this made available in Ireland for everybody else who needs it. It is too good for people to miss out on this and have their children suffer when they could have something as simple as a few drops of oil to help them.”

You can help support the Cahalane family by signing this petition, which urges Department of Health Minister Simon Harris to legalize whole plant cannabis for medicinal purposes.

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  1. louc74 says:

    Okay, the petitions aren’t working. What we need to do is raise a class action legal case against the Irish Government, the UK Government and the Scottish Government. The lawsuit would seek redress for the hundreds – perhaps thousands – of children who have lost brain function due to seizures over many years, when our governments had full knowledge of the amazing benefits of cannabis oil. You hit them very publicly where it hurts, and that may actually help. A go fund me to raise the money to bring the lawsuit I’m sure would be more than successful because people feel very strongly about this. Use their own system against them, it might be something which actually works. Not just for Dravet sufferers either – also for sufferers of other illnesses who have been denied this life enhancing and in some cases life saving medicine.,

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