Israeli Company Proposes Medical Cannabis Plant in the United States

Israel-based medical cannabis devices company Panaxia has finally found a US partner that is willing to work with cannabis. The company is partnering up with one of New Mexico’s largest distributions companies, Ultra Health. Together Panaxia and Ultra Health plan to open an ambitious medical cannabis plant in New Mexico.

Panaxia will be providing smokeless proprietary cannabinoid dosage products that are not available in the US. The US forbids any research on cannabis extracts, eliminating competition for the Israeli company.

The company agreed to a six-month commitment for $250,000 worth of merchandise. Panaxia is comprised of three companies- Panaxia Ltd., Tree of Life Pharma, and Maayan Haim Pharmacy. Tree of Life produces over-the-counter pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the products range from adhesive bandages to lice bandages. Maayan Haim is a chain of Israeli pharmacies- 40 years strong. The team of companies provides a full line of medical and cosmetic products as well as the pharmacies needed in the supply chain.

When cannabis is burned, most of the active ingredients disintegrate and are lost. Higher and higher doses are required to reach the same effect while half of the active ingredients are burned away forever.

Panaxia has developed is own extraction process. The level of THC and CBD are controlled throughout the extraction process. That way, consistent levels of THC and CBD will linger until the end. “We didn’t realize at all that this was so special, until this grower from New Mexico came to us,” Panaxia’s co-founder and business manager Dr. Dadi Segal said. “He found us, and told us, ‘I’m an excellent grower, but I don’t know how to turn the crop into a medical product.’ Today, the US medical marijuana market is growing, but there is a feeling that the plant actually comes from customers using the product for pleasure. The grower’s aim now is to reach the real medical market, thereby sustaining strong growth. In order to convince patients, and especially their doctors, to consume the product, it has to act like a medical product – in other words, the customer knows what the exact dosage is, and exactly what ingredient he’s getting.”

Segal’s team isn’t interested in developing new and improved recreational items- they’re interested in life-saving treatments. That’s why their focused on maintaining appropriate THC and CBD levels in the end product. The entourage effect is nature’s balance of chemicals and terpenes in cannabis products.

Finding anybody willing to invest in medical cannabis is no easy task. Developers at Panaxia say they’ve had to travel far and wide. Armed with experience from the past, Panaxia has built pharmaceutical plants before. “We know how to build small plants, because Israel is a small country, Segal added. “It turns out that this smallness is an advantage, because it’s forbidden in the US to transport cannabis from one state to another, so they need a factory in every state on the scale of a small state like New Mexico exactly like Israel.”

Panaxia is in the process of preparing for clinical trials so that it can declare clinical benefit for its products. Panaxia is taking advantage of the fact that it’s illegal to conduct clinical trials on extracts within the US.

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