Jeff Ditchfield and the Quest for Perfect Medicinal Oil

Jeff Ditchfield is cannabis activism’s answer to Robin Hood; for years he has altruistically put himself in a legal firing line to provide sick people with the medicine they need. In 2002 he founded the Bud Buddies UK Medicinal Cannabis Organisation and in doing so became a poster boy for medicinal cannabis in the UK.

For half a decade the club operated as a members-only service which supplies education, support, and medicinal cannabis to gravely ill patients. “The philosophy at Bud Buddies is to empower people to be self-sufficient,” Jeff told me last week. “So all members are taught how to cultivate and the guidance provided on making preparations depends on the illness or disease of the individual.”

Members of Bud Buddies essentially have two options when considering how to treat their condition: to legally take pharmaceutical drugs that would invariably come with a string of harmful side effects or break the law and use cannabis. As you can probably imagine, the Misuse of Drugs Act would be the least of your considerations if you found yourself in that position.

People who self-medicate with cannabis in the UK risk up to five years in prison and people proven to be supplying sick people with medicine face up to 14 years behind bars. Jeff used to run his operation from a coffee shop in Rhyl, Wales, which contained a ‘private members area where people could self-medicate’.

Ditchfield 1

In 2004 he found himself on the sharp end of the draconian cannabis laws and became prosecuted for supplying an MS sufferer with cannabis. He was eventually acquitted by a jury at Chester Crown Court using a defence of ‘necessity’. However that wasn’t the end of the problems he encountered with the police whilst simply trying to improve the lives of seriously sick individuals: he was back in court in 2007, up on more cannabis-related charges, which essentially forced the UK arm of his organisation to Spain.

“No one at all should be prosecuted for cannabis in my opinion,” Jeff stressed when I asked him about his experiences of the UK’s moralistic approach to cannabis regulation. “It can be worse for parents; I am aware of one father who has had their terminally ill child made a ward of court because he was administering [cannabis] oil in hospital.”

These days the Bud Buddies are concentrating on research of the preparation and application of cannabinoid concentrated oil. This has resulted in Jeff taking on the responsibility of researching and attempting to locate the optimum strains for making the oil, a quest that has taken him across the globe. “It is ‘cheese’ that’s mainly available in the UK,” he clarified. “That’s just one of the 5,000 strains of cannabis available. The cultivation market has been driven by the recreational demand for THC, meaning CBD has been bred out of strains.

“I’m on a tour of the Caribbean at the minute meeting various Government officials regarding obtaining a cannabis research licence to research the medical properties of cannabinoid preparations.”

So what is Jeff looking for in the perfect strain to make his medicinal oil? “Lab testing of strains and cannabinoid preparations is an ongoing process,” he said. “Mainly I cultivate high THC, high CBD and 2:1 and 1:1 strains. I find that these strains give me a wide range of options when I am making medicinal preparations.”

What makes this process so difficult? “Consistency has been the main problem. There are many seed companies claiming that they have stable strains containing significant amounts of CBD, but sadly for many it is merely a marketing strategy. In my experience CBD Crew are the most accurate.”

Anyone with even a basic knowledge of cannabis knows that it contains a myriad of medicinal properties. It’s starting to look like the benefits could have wide implications for healthcare. The wealth of evidence demonstrating the therapeutic benefits of the plant has become so extensive that even the staunchest prohibitionists can no longer turn a blind eye.

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Researchers in one study administered CBD oil to sufferers of epilepsy and found that their seizures were reduced by 54 per cent. More research has concluded that THC can be used to treat multiple sclerosis after demonstrating a 30 per cent decrease in instances of spasticity in their sample. Other clinical trials have highlighted that cannabis can shrink aggressive cancer cells, alleviate depression, and sooth anxiety. The U.S. government are so convinced about the medical applications of weed that they have now felt compelled to procure a patent for it.

Despite this, and even in the face of evidence ripe for development, researchers in the UK have to jump through hoops made up of reams of red tape due to the legal status of the drug. The situation is undermining the efficiency of the research process. Professor Nutt, the defunct government drug adviser told the BBC, when pressed on the topic of drug laws interfering with science: “We have regulations which are 50 years old, have never been reviewed and they are holding us back, they’re stopping us doing the science and I think it’s a disgrace actually”.

What we know about the benefits of cannabis is pretty narrow compared to what we could know if it wasn’t for the dogmatic, dangerous, and largely irrelevant restrictions regarding cannabis in the UK. “With regards to medicinal cannabis I am still learning, the more questions I answer the more I have,” Jeff explained before he went off to ‘visit some illegal plantations in Jamaica’.

Do you want to learn more about the Bud Buddies? Check out Jeff’s film Project Storm or his manual The Medical Cannabis Guidebook.

Simon Doherty
Simon Doherty has written extensively about youth culture for a number of publications including NORML UK, VICE, and Mixmag.



  1. dan.mcguire says:

    I’m glad people are trying to make advances in Medicinal Oil.

  2. AMCS says:

    Go Jeff. Its these types of guys that inspired many of us to do more

  3. keep up the good work jeff

  4. Jools says:

    I suffer Crohn’s and Wegeners granulomatosis and my only hope now is getting hold of this. I don’t want chemotherapy as I have seen others pass away.

    1. TomTom says:

      If you have any questions that we can help you with please get in touch.

      1. wizard says:

        what is the THC content in your oil as a percentage?

      2. Vicki rosato says:

        Can you tell me where i can buy cbd oil please i suffer with chronic pain and fibromyalgia.

    2. Dave says:

      The first step in my opinion is getting all the nutrients/minerals in place that the body needs to
      heal itself .If looking at using Cannabis.Go for the landraces from say Afghanistan /Himalayas areas.
      As these strains will have all the cannabinoids still intact

      1. TomTom says:

        Yes diet, and lifestyle, exercise (where possible) is key.

        Strains with high levels of both THC and CBD are thought to be beneficial although much more research is needed in this area, as for some cancers where some cannabinoids might be beneficial others aren’t.

        THC and CBD strains will generally also be good for palliative care and helping to reduce nausea and increase appetite.

        We certainly advocate the need for more research.

      2. Jack says:

        How can I get hold of this oil?

  5. Tired girl says:

    I’ve bought the book but I’ve no idea how I could possibly do all that when I’ve got cancer. It’s hard enough just getting through the day. But excellent work though. Perhaps moving to Spain is the answer…..

    1. Tom says:

      Maybe try seeking advice from your local cannabis club.

      1. Pip says:

        I live close to Mazarron, where I understand that there is a cannabis club (for medical reasons)? Any contact info please. Kind Regards

        1. Hola PIP, si eres de Murcia y tienes alguna patología susceptible de ser tratada con cannabis, puedes contactar con nosotros. Saludos

  6. Spencer says:

    Such an amazing article. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer at the beginning of the year. Not only was it brain cancer but it was a glasto bioma. The worst form of brain cancer. My family was devastated. And had been rocked to the extreme. No cure. My dad has been given 6 months to live or 12-18 months with chemo and radio therapy. He has chosen the chemo and radio therapy route however we are seeing him deteriorate rapidly. His speech is deteriorating and his steadiness on his feet is terrible having to use a Zimmer frame. My once fit father is a shadow of his former self. I was told about cannabis oil and have researched this extensively. A miracle? Really can this work? Doctors said we arnt going to agree to you taking it as it’s illegal however research out there does state that it works. I have just bought a small a batch of oil for my dad and me and my family are keeping our fingers firmly crossed. I am a beginner to this and your input would be very very much appreciated. Please help. Point me in the right direction on how he should take it. How often. How much. Please help my family and I to extend my dad life expectancy and watch his kids and grandkids grow. Any help and advise would be very much appreciated. Please reply so that we can make contact and exchange contact details. Yours. Desperately trying to save or extend my dad’s life. One love xxxxx

    1. Miss Polly says:

      After reading all the above , I am in the same boat as you but it’s ny hubby that is ill with cancer . I live in the UK and have no idea where to start to look to buy the oil, any help please could you reply

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