Medical Cannabis Helped This Man Recover from Post-Cancer Pain

Gardening jovially with his wife in their suburban home in Battleford, Saskatchewan, it is hard to imagine just how agonising the last few years have been in the life of Kelly Oliphant.

After being diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, Oliphant endured months of radiation treatment that left him in severe pain across much of his torso. However, after a doctor recommended him medical cannabis, his life turned around.

Having never tried an ‘illicit’ drug before, Kelly was unsure of how he would react to the treatment. However, he was to be duly surprised;

“The effects were almost immediate, it dulled the pain and numbed it off. Before I started using it, if I was to get down on my hands and knees, I needed a cane to get back up because the pain was that intense. Now I can get back up on my own.”

Oliphant takes half a gram of cannabis, using a vaporizer around four or five times per day and is now able to do all of things he used to, before his painful treatment.

Now, amazed by the results, the Canadian is looking to change public opinion of cannabis, especially among his peer group;

“Everybody thought I was just going to be a stoner and laying around, they’ve seen that it’s not like that at all. Don’t be held up by the stigma of it. “I would definitely tell them to try it for any kind of chronic pain. I’m using it because it works.  It saved me.”

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