New Seedbank ‘Medical Marijuana Genetics’ Release Groundbreaking 20:1 CBD Strain

Medical Marijuana Genetics, a newly founded seedbank, have released a medical strain that offers a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio, the most consistent count of a CBD-rich phenotype in Europe.

Candida will be available alongside four other strains, all of which hold remarkable medicinal properties and guarantee a CBD:THC ratio of at least 1:1.

Upon the release of these new strains, founder of Medical Marijuana Genetics, John Green stated, “we are very excited to be the first CBD dominant seedbank in history and look forward to providing access to the widest therapeutic profiles that we can source.

Green’s journey began in 2014, when he became aware of the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant whilst desperately treating the symptoms of his mother’s late stage pancreatic cancer. Not long after her first dose of cannabis oil, she was able to move around relatively pain free, enabling her to tend to her beloved garden in the weeks leading up to her death.

The benefit that the cannabis oil had given her was clearly visible to those around her. Shortly after, Green set up an informational website designed to help people educate themselves on the benefits of medicinal cannabis.

Through the organisation’s interaction with patients and cannabis communities worldwide, it became apparent very quickly that access to cannabis genetics high in other cannabinoids than THC was severely limited.

As a result of this, Medical Marijuana Genetics was formed and commenced work with award winning breeders and caregivers from the Basque region of Spain, creating a line of CBD dominant cannabis strains.

Comprehensive details of each strains cannabinoid profiles and medicinal benefits are all available to view on the Seedsman website.

Candida and four other CBD rich strains are available to buy from now.

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