The Secret British Cannabis Club

Over Christmas, there were two pretty unique parties in Teesside – in a speakeasy-style ‘Cannabis Club’ where people can blaze up freely.

It’s similar to the ‘speakeasy’ drinking clubs where Americans drank in secret during Prohibition – and its creator hopes to inspire others around Britain, in a push for legalisation.

The club – in a top-secret location, which varies every time – caught the interest of Professor Green – who interviewed founder John Holliday for the BBC.

The club staged Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations where people could smoke in a social setting.

The idea is that there’s no drug dealing – and no alcohol – but the organisers don’t stop people bringing (and smoking) their own weed.

John said: ‘It is somewhere to go where people can be social – what we’re doing should be happening across the UK.

‘It’s also about raising awareness and letting people know about the positive benefits of cannabis.

‘You have to sign up in advance and find out the location 24 hours before. We’re just pushing the boundaries a bit and hope cannabis social clubs spring up across the country as a result.

‘It’s inevitable that this will spread and there’s nothing that can be done about it – cannabis clubs meet up in temporary locations all the time, all we’ve done is formalise it in bricks and mortar.’

Cleveland Police were asked for a comment and declined – but the force has previously said it will continue to enforce existing drugs laws.

This article first appeared in the London Metro

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