29 year old sufferer of Autism

Laurence – Cannabis and Autism

Ailment: Autism
Ingestion Method:

I have used cannabis since I was 16, which I found was the best thing I ever did for the symptoms of my autism.

I have used many liquids and tablets, all of which either didn’t work or made me a zombie. I can be socially awkward, and my temper has always been an issue, which can get me so wound up. I end up hitting myself in my legs or head, or I self harm with various objects.

Since using cannabis, I can go out and talk to people, work in busy environments, and my self worth goes up, as well as not getting my meltdowns or self harming.

I think its wrong. There’s not enough done to help people with autism. There is no medicine, apart from cannabis, that genuinely helps with the condition. I shouldn’t have to sit and meltdown or self harm, which really ruins my life when this natural medicine should be given to me by a doctor, or I should be allowed to grow a couple of plants for my own personal and medical use.

Besides my autism, cannabis helps me with depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping.

Thank you cannabis 🙂



  1. mike says:

    thanks for the input lawrence…………I live in oklahoma,u.s.a. and we still have the hypocrites that control the legislation and big business which means we will have to wait at least 50 years to have this help.
    one legislature son recently killed his father because of no help

  2. TomTom says:

    Hi – Many thanks for sharing this Laurence. We hope you get legal access as soon as possible.

  3. Thanks for sharing Laurence. I will share your story to help others .@Mike… this is the time to get involved.Find out if there is an office near you, and volunteer some time. The movement is picking up speed. We need the right President. Well that’s at least 8 1\2 yrs away,minimum. Nevertheless, our gift from God should be legal again soon!

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