Maureen Kelly


Maureen – Cannabis and Fibromyalgia

Ailment: Fibromyalgia
Ingestion Method: Smoking

Hi everyone.

I’ve had fibromyalgia and CFS for about 7 years now. Numerous prescribed meds haven’t really touched the sides of my symptoms. Severe fatigue is one of my many symptoms and the impact of a few puffs of cannabis has the most amazing impact on this and of course the pain I have. I go from unable to even have a shower, to being able to get chores done too. I don’t abuse it – 20 pounds worth lasts me weeks. But, here’s my situation, the person I used to get it from has emigrated and I now can’t get any as I don’t know anyone else to ask. Because of this, my symptoms are full scale. I’m in agony and the fatigue is overwhelming. I have tried cannabis oils etc but it doesn’t seem to help.

It makes me so angry that my symptoms are now so bad because i can’t get any, yet if it was legal I wouldn’t be this bad now. It’s totally absurd to me that alcohol and tobacco is legal yet cannabis with it’s proven healing properties isn’t!

Anyone with any tips to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my story


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