My name is Steve. I have been a painter/decorator and general builder for 35 years.

Steve – Cannabis and Pain

Ailment: Pain
Ingestion Method: Cream and Oil

In my younger years nothing troubled me at all, I’ve been healthy my whole life.  But in the last 5-10 years through the repetitiveness of my work, my shoulder joints, especially the right shoulder which gets the most stress from holding my hand high painting, a dull constant pain has been emerging.  I now can only sleep lying on my side, I can’t lie on my back anymore as it’s very uncomfortable when sleeping.

A friend rubbed a CBD cream onto my shoulder and remarkable the next day the pain had gone.  The next day I opened my own cream that I purchased and put it on my knees because when you are painting you spend a lot of time on your knees so they do hurt and also that pain was gone.  I noticed that after a few days I have to use the cream again, but again just a small amount.

I’m now also using a high quality full extract hemp CBD oil.  I can’t say much about it yet, except I sleep better and my general well-being seems to be improving. I’ve also let some other friends try and they also said they had the best night’s sleep in years.  I don’t take it every day.

As a side effect, which I’m really happy about, I’m also reconnected to my dreams since I take the oil.  I’ve been a heavy smoker for years, so I stopped dreaming and it’s nice to have some dreams again.

I’ve had no side effects, none at all.  Great food supplement, definitely will keep in my cupboard forever.





  1. Bea Fenton says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m glad you have found relief from your pain.

    I suffer from numerous illnesses that affect my joints, nerves & immune system. They have disabled me to the extent I am bedridden.

    I am looking for a high quality oil & cream to try & see if I gain any pain relief.

    I would be very grateful if you could please share or message me the name/brand of oil & cream you use?

    Many thanks,

  2. MedicalMarijuana AdminMedicalMarijuana Admin says:


    Please email us if you need any help in cutting through the myriad of CBD products out there. Some products are better than others.

  3. millie says:

    Hi I need to know what and where to buy cc coda oil or something for my poor husband who suffers badly with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, parkinsonism, he is in a lot of pain every day what is best for him, he doesn’t want to feel spaced out or tippy but for pain to be gone and to feel calm happy and relaxed what do u advise please which website to by from.I’m in the uk.thanks

  4. millie says:

    Oops spelling is wrong I meant cbd or cbda oil, is the necessary for pain relief or not. thanks

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