University in Israel Offers First Ever Medical Cannabis Course

While Israel have always been at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement, the nation has taken an unprecedented step this month after announcing that one of their principles learning institutions will be offering a course on medical cannabis.

Ariel University has been involved in its fair share of controversy since it was granted full university status in 2012. Sitting in the West Bank, the public college has been the subject of many boycotts and has been perilously close to conflict zones beyond the Green Line.

However, it is now set to place itself in the spotlight yet again, as it announces the world’s first higher learning course on medical cannabis.


The course was conceptualised and is being led by Dr Michael Dor, a senior lecturer in the university;s Faculty of Health Sciences.

Dor explained to national media that nearly 120 students had been accepted on the course, which will cover such diverse topics as;

  • The History of Medical Cannabis
  • Examination of Current Laws and Regulations
  • Active Ingredients in Cannabis
  • Cannabis Farming and Current Technology
  • Social Implications of Medical Cannabis

The course is available only to those who are study in the field of medical administration and have completed at least one year of their studies. 

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