Young Boy With Severe Epilepsy Now Seizure Free With Cannabis Oil

“I do not care what anybody says. I would rather have my child on medical cannabis and have him be a child than seeing his body seize and tremble every other minute,”

The words of Jacel Delgadillo perhaps ring true for many parents whose child is suffering as much as young Bruno.

The young boy living in Florida has captured the hearts of many after a video has emerged detailing his story.

Bruno has severe epilepsy, which has caused him to suffer as many as 300 seizures in a day.

Jacel, Bruno’s devoted mother, was fed up with no prescription medications working for her son. While doing some research on alternative medicine, she discovered the potential therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis.

Delgadillo, at the risk of being arrested, provided her son with a dosage amount above the state’s legal limits. However, the results were quite amazing. Most days, Bruno does not have any seizures and can now live a normal life.

Fortunately, any legal risks that the Delgadillo’s were taking are soon to vanish, after Floridians voted “Yes” to reducing medical cannabis restrictions in November. This will come into effect today and will mean that Bruno and others suffering from debilitating conditions can access the medicine the need without fear of legal reprimand. 

Image courtesy of Scott McIntyre

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